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Thursday, 25 March 2004

jejak menara gading

once i gave up coz i thought i dont hav any chance to pursue my study.i cried all day but he comfort me..he told dat Allah always be our side..be patient n dont forget to pray...i always remember dat but please i cant wait anymore..i want to know what is da right path for me..is it ok for me to continue searching for a job then trying to study thru pjj..huh..no way..my dream is i want to study at da university..after spm it was not my rezeki but i managed to study in a college..i feel satisfied as i finished da study (very well indeed i guess) so,why those people so hard to give da chance for me to feel da experience studying at the university..until i have to beg,merayu-rayu smpai tak malu..(realy,i didnt use any cabel)..at this moment i dont want to meet with anybody..including darling coz i'm afraid i might scold him coz of imbalance hormone..huhuhu...i'm soooo sad..