::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Sunday, 27 June 2004

my convocation day

alhamdulillah,three years in terengganu then i managed to get myself a diploma of teaching english as a second language (so long then they called it TESL)..huhuhu..thanks to ma,abah,along n my nieces n so my darling..he drove all da way by himself from kl to terengganu n it was his first time driving to the east coast..but,da day was quite terrible for us as we had to rush back after my convo n drove 8 hours was not easy guys..i had to register at Upsi da next day before 12 noon..universiti pendidikan terulung di Malaysia..(yeah!!!) n double congrats for me as i get da place to further my study..to fulfill my dream...to get a degree not for others but for me..eventho i can't happily snapping pictures wit my family n friends,i hope to feel da great feeling again (da convo day) in da next 4 years..huh..

dearie myself,u hav a long path to go n this is your choice..u can't turn back becoz da path in front of you hav sooooo many tricky hurdles which u MUST go through to make ur dream reality..

Saturday, 26 June 2004

sophea al-iman's birthday

iman first birthday..we celebrate at pak mydin sate,batu buruk..da first dinner with my darling..really..hihihi...we had sate..join us dat nite was k.dila..emm..dedicated for iman,happy birthday tonje..da only nieces who really loveeee to 'sing' n sometimes make us loss our patient n yet still comfort us with her smile..with her jalan jatuh,in her first year really2 challenging for us..she says NO neither to formulae milk nor botol susu..haiyaa...when she really2 thirsty then she will go for her green botol with air masak..dat's it..happy birthday iman..

Wednesday, 16 June 2004


it happened so fast...huhu..da next day after interview,they called and said "tahniah"...means upsi has accept me as student of tesl..yahuuuuu...syukur..eventho i hav to appeal but syukur....they accept me...congrats siti..

Thursday, 25 March 2004

jejak menara gading

once i gave up coz i thought i dont hav any chance to pursue my study.i cried all day but he comfort me..he told dat Allah always be our side..be patient n dont forget to pray...i always remember dat but please i cant wait anymore..i want to know what is da right path for me..is it ok for me to continue searching for a job then trying to study thru pjj..huh..no way..my dream is i want to study at da university..after spm it was not my rezeki but i managed to study in a college..i feel satisfied as i finished da study (very well indeed i guess) so,why those people so hard to give da chance for me to feel da experience studying at the university..until i have to beg,merayu-rayu smpai tak malu..(realy,i didnt use any cabel)..at this moment i dont want to meet with anybody..including darling coz i'm afraid i might scold him coz of imbalance hormone..huhuhu...i'm soooo sad..