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Saturday, 17 December 2011

::Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe,Nilai::

We are here today!!! Sis Runiza, we all dh sampai. hehehe. N true, Aunty Aini is so friendly. The ambience is very nice. When we first step into the garden, we feel something different. A very comfortable place, cool,fresh air and beautiful green scenery.

Alright, we ordered nasi n lauk pauk for lunch coz we were so hungry..Datang dari jauh tu.:)

Daging salai masak lemak cili padi, Sambal tumis petai sotong, Kailan Ikan masin, and ice-cream tapai for dessert. For Aqeel we ordered Fish n Chip.

The food was so delicious. Tak tipu.

What's so special other than the beautiful garden cafe, friendly owner and delicious dish?

Owh, Anthony Bourdain n Gordon Ramsay, the chef celebrities in AFC were here. There's pictures of them hanging on the wall.

If you wish to come and eat at pondok, u should book early.

ok,nnt cikct update lg. nak pi ikano jap. ada org tgh survey tv.
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Runiza said...

wahhh... akak aritu pun order lauk yang sama you!!hik hik! :D Am so glad you enjoyed the food there... berbaloi2 datang kan? :)

Cik CT said...

hehe,yela sis.menu kite same rupanya.:) mmg enjoy mkn dkt cni.sgt2 tenang.tp syg,x smpat brposing sbb hujan turun dgn lebatnya ms kami dh habis mkn.huhuhu.