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Sunday, 20 November 2005

20 November

2nd day of our anniversary...it is da 8th years of our friendship..waahhhh...so long..but we fall in love bout three years..i guess..hehehe...it start like a popping seed..i even not aware of it..hahaha..still remember da early years of jatuh cinta,,,i got friends who care for me, sms-ing,calling me until i felt very bored but still my dearest never make me feel bored..yeah..n sometimes waiting for his sms was really made me lost my patient..then,i know..i'v been hitting by the cupid arrow....

Saturday, 19 November 2005

19 november

it's our Anniversary for friendship??hehehe...da day dat we know each other..but it still quizzable..hurm..puzzling in my head,how am i going to explain to our children,our grandchildren or our great grandchildren (perhaps!!) how we met..hehehe..naa....juz let it be our secret..shhhh...not until they read this blog..or else we will be forced to story..(oppss...sorry for being in my dreamland,,,wake up!!!)