::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

::New nest::

i got a lot of stories to tell. about me, kids, home, bla bla bla....let's talk about the new nest insyaAllah..
Currently, i'm obsessed to find ideas, new design for kitchen cabinet, laundry area, wardrobe, family area.. why bother all these things? a new house?! insyaAllah..we just booked a lot of terrace house..according to the plan, it'll be finished by 2016...Alhamdulillah,,rezeki for us n the kids. 


pantry idaman....

::happy birthday Hanaa' Syafiyyah::


Our little young lady turns ONE! She's a happy baby but you can see her smiling only when she knows who you are.. Her strangers' anxiety level is so high. 

we celebrated her birthday on board! We flew to Kota Bharu with maktok. 

Happy birthday Hanaa' Syafiyyah..