::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Thursday, 21 July 2011

::His favourite::

Makin besar makin panjang akal...itu suka ini tak suka...mama list down apa yg menjadi favourite Aqeel Haziq dikala ini..

1. Thomas train - tak kira la toys, clothes, any stuffs, youtube on trainsformers.
2. Bob the builder - the cartoon, semua jenis vehiclee yg bob ade secially lori simen..
3. laptop - samada main game, tgk youtube, blaja ABC, alifBaTa
4.bela ikan - sangat2 sayang...

will cont later..

Sunday, 10 July 2011

::the end of sport day::

the truth is i really dont like 2011 sport day. it was terrible from the start until the end.furthermore,with the canteen day made it even worse.the idea of sport day in July,was one of the biggest mistakes.students were not interested at all after half year of schooling.Every year,majority of them targetted to be the school's representatives to the MSSD,MSSN which will be chosen thru the sport day.However,in this year case,they had gone to b the representative athletes earlier (i dont know how they were chosen) before the sport day and the sport day means nothing to them.

the collaboration with canteen day also was not a good idea.students were attracted to the entertainment rather than to be at padang to give moral supports to their friends. the worst part was there were not enough representatives from certain rumah sukan.Therefore,from 4 rumah sukan there were only 2 or 3 will taking part in every acara.where should teachers look for them?it was canteen day and we didnt have guts to stop them from having a good time laughing with friends at the canteen day instead of running under the hot sun at padang.at the end,the rubbish was like a mountain of rubbish and i dont know where is the knowledge from pendidikan sivik among the students as all drains were full with food packaging,left over and etc.

hopefully, there will be changes next year.better change from the start.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

::menggodek si G-tab::

si gtab ni mcm org la jgk.kna bkenalan dulu baruler pandai guna,or barule mesral.saya byk google n cari kt forum ttg gtab nih.haish,kalo x mana tau nk menggodeknye.byk kegunaan yg berfaedah tp saya x tekecuali main game!wasting time le.but angry birds mmg wat org xde keje cari keje!hihi

::mama,ambil la hati saya::

lately,ank teruna kami clingy amat dgn papa.everything is papa lak.means dia nk papa pulak yg buat.jeles mama ok.tp papa kata mama knala amik hati dia,main2 dgn dia.hmm,tak taula mcm mane lg nk dilayan sbb mama rs time papa p ofis pg,mama akn bdua je dgn dia,layan dia sesaja.kalo org tgk senang je mama jg ank sbb semua papa yg buat.dr cuci montot,mandi,makan,minum,bncuh susu,main,nk tido semua papa.dulu time susu cari mama tp dh wean off x heran ler.or maybe papa slalu bwk dia ke tempat kegemaran dia.Tesco,Grand Union,n semua la kedai2 yg dia suka.em,mama kna ambil hati dia ler.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

::larian 1M::

Today,we gonna hav Larian 1Malaysia.all schools in Msia will do.huhu.we just knew the programme on Tuesday and till today there's no briefing at all for the teachers.apa pun takda! Then,we will have Pra-sukan.it's tiring to hav sukan in July.i really disagree bcoz students are already lost their interest in sport and we know that June,July are month of hot weather.sukan should be done earlier before the teachers get busy with preparing test questions,oral test,kerja kursus,exam analysis,canteen day,report card day,and etc etc,while students are also busy because the exam is just around the corner especially for those who are sitting for upsr,pmr n spm.BUT,we are the teachers who Yang Menurut Perintah..hopefully,there will be changes next year.back to square.

Friday, 1 July 2011

::update blog from new gadget::

Suddenly I have becoming an Android user.now I am updating
blog using the glamorous Galaxy tab.i was thinking to switch my smartphone but i think i still love it.Then.suddenly this G tab appeared.Then,suddenly it is already in my hand.hehe,.hmm,not bad.cuma terkial2 lg ler.so.after this,i should type more entry in this blog.

Eh.senang je berblog pakai G tab.