::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Monday, 6 August 2007


The road not taken..by Robert Frost
msti ade yg penah bc poem ni..kisah memilih 2 psimpangan@di prsimpangan delima le senang..
me tk suka btul brada di psimpngan delima n hrp2 sgt ade pilhan ketiga..last week duk diam kt rumah wat lit.review but this week ade 2 plan 4 weekend. 1 is my plan n another invitation frm my sista..yg mana 1 nk pegi..1 knduri n 1 lg jenjalan wif my nieces coz they got 6 free tickets to watch da rat-a-touille...n him said lets think bout the children..they might want me to accompany them..definitely la..huhu..alright 4 diz moment i follow them and him also..got another choice???NO...ina,meem and iman..ur uncle said,tikus pun tikus la...