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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

::shopping therapy::

They said shopping is a therapy...is it true??i think if u'v a lot of money maybe u can say it is a therapy..but, if it is just a window shopping that is ur walking therapy...and how about shopping with a little kiddo who is running here and there??

We went to Subang Parade on Saturday to find Aqeel Haziq's clothes..the main objective was to spend the rm200 Parkson voucher given by Perodua..However, Mama didnt know what to buy..Gosh!!! all this time, we bought Aqeel's attire for jalan2 at Mothercare (once in 3-4months), daily clothes at Tesco, Jusco or PapaMama boutique..we'v never been in such crowded place where people are busy choosing,picking,putting back the clothes...Pening makcik!! In the end, I bought a pair of jeans, and one suit overall..and a Thomas Friend mug..hehe...ada balance lg rm50...ish, payah btul nak abihkan duit org bg..

On Merdeka Day, we decided to go to OneUtama...nak cari parking pun dh sesak..huh...but, it still alright coz we were more comfortable here..juz Aqeel Haziq is not a passive boy..he slide down (juz imagine how he can slide down) from the stroller and run all over the floor..i'm tired..geram..sume ada..So, the stroller become our trolley..

Then, we went back with some stuff for baking, house deco and Aqeel's toy..the Magica board..to avoid him doodling on Mama's book or the wall so I bought the board..That's our shopping therapy..