::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Friday, 20 December 2013

::The babysitter; BabyBjorn bouncer::

Baby Hanaa' Syafiyyah on her BabyBjorn babysitter bouncer. Sometimes, it really helps to sooth her and sometimes not. :) but, mommy likes so much as it can be easily fold n travel together. 

::Routinizing baby Hanaa'::

30/10 - 30/11

We are in the midst of routinizing little girl..hehe... And abg Aqeel too.. Err actually routinizing our new life.  No more sweet dream for mama or deep sleep for papa..hehe.. Whenever I cant stand my sleepiness, i hav to ask papa to take turn. Huhu.. Ketaq kaki dodoi baby time ngantuk tau! 

Actually this is the sweetest moment. Take turn with spouse and taking care of the baby. Nurse her at night. Changing her diaper, changing her clothes. Pumping breastmilk at midnight because you suffer on breast engorgement and you will end up either you wake up with panda eyes or you wake up late for subuh! 

Oh luckily I applied for three months maternity leave. Yup.. Next month, we will start new routine. I'll send Aqeel to new kindy which starts at 8 a.m. together with little gadis who will accompany us. Hopefully we can adapt this new routine.