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Friday, 25 November 2011

::Amazing Race to Sibu::

Petang ni, mama n Aqeel akn ke Sibu,Sarawak. Flight FireFly pukul 650pm. Papa pulak dh on board pukul 350pm td dgn AirAsia. Ni dh macam Amazing Race kan.hehehe. Dahla papa depart from LCCT, kami plak depart from KLIA.

Tadi dh ade budak mintak tolong Wonderpet carikan papa dia.hahaha.nak gelak pun ada. Tp Wonderpet tu dia sebut jd "autopet". Anak manja. Harap2 tak meragam bila dkt airport nnt.

Ya Allah,selamatkan perjalanan kami pergi dan balik.Aminnnn.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

::Dinner at The Loaf @ Pavilion, KL::

Aqeel pun dh pandai bg review..thumbs up!!!

Teruja tak tgk gambaq makanan dulu..ehhehe...
While staying at Royale Chulan, we had our dinner at The Loaf Pavilion.(in conjunction with our 14years of friendship) :). The food is superb. We were surprised to see the food was served on big plates. Jenuh nak makan wei. We had pasta.1 set of carbonara for Aqeel n spaghetti meatballs for mama. Papa had a set of meatloaf. Overall, I gave 10/10. mmg best!!
Akhirnye sume ditapau...kenyang btul..Alhamdulillah.....rezeki Allah bagi...

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::weekend @ The Royale Chulan,KL::

Last weekend, Papa brought us to Royale Chulan KL. Last year,we stayed overnight at Quality Hotel near Sogo.
alright, mama didnt know at all where we would go. Papa kept it secret nicely. Then,when we were to arrive. I manage to guess the hotel.:) It is near to Pavilion.only walking distance.
The ambience is so nice. Enjoy the pics.

update on the price. RM290 per night.

Malam itu kami dinner at The Loaf dan esoknya Aqeel enjoy tgk big fish at Aquaria, KLCC. Klik here for the story..

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

::awat tak bleh post entry nih::

tensi makcik.type panjang2 pastu takbleh publish.tak tau nape.tp pakai g-tab boleh plak.huhuhu.nnt try lg.

::Aqeel @ Aquaria,KLCC::

Hello....It's school holiday!!! Yeay....yg happy mestilah Aqeel Haziq..Setiap minggu dia akan berjalan saje..Mama Papa harus pastikan dia sentiasa sihat..makan buah banyak2, minum air dan makna ubat cepat2 kalo ada simptom demam n selsema..Ok, first week school holiday, Aqeel pergi Aquaria, KLCC... namapak tak muka monyok...dia mengantuk..keletihan berendam dlm bath tub.

tengok tgn dia tak lepas Frog..

owh,itu frog Aqeel...

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Monday, 21 November 2011

::yeah,Malaysia dapat ibu segala pingat::

Sukan Sea kali ni mmg mengujakan. CikCt tgk semua game bola oleh Harimau Muda. Tak sia-sia bersengkang mata (maklum lps dinner sure ngantuksss). Hebatlah mereka. 4jam bermain sampai penat,lunyai, akhirnya berjaya merangkul ibu segala pingat.:) Bangga sungguh bila dgr lagu negaraku berkumandang di Jakarta. Semoga mereka terus mengaum di masa akn datang.

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::English Language Literature Component form 3 2012::

Hi readers,
I just came back from 3days course..as written on the title, it is conducted to introduce 3 new novels and 2 poems for form 3 next year.
The poems are;
A figther's lines

How I met myself
Around the world in 80 days
The Railway Children

About the novel::
Selangor will use How I met myself..It is quite interesting and the text is simpler than Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.However, there are some Hungarian words especially character names and places which may cause some trouble for students to pronounce and spell it. This story is about Doppleganger.(google for the meaning)
The Railway Children also interesting. I would love to teach this novel as the main characters are children. They are poor and lives near the railway station. The setting is on Edwardian time which I believe students might be interested when we discuss on their clothes culture on that time. Finally, around the world in 80 days..A bit complicated but may be teacher has to work hard to get students attention when teaching this novel.

The novel How I met myself now can be bought from Pustaka Rakyat. make sure it approved by KPM bcoz some of the term used hasbeen changed to suit Malaysian culture.

Alright, adios.
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Sunday, 13 November 2011

::Aqeel n baju transformers::

Semalam ke Sogo. mencari baju transformers. Jenuh tawaf dept kanak2 tu. Baju tu dh tersorok jauh. Asalnya Aqeel nak baju bumble bee. Dia dh ada baju Optimus Prime tp bila sampai ke sana Aqeel rambang mata!!!!
Sekejap nak itu,kejap nak ini pastu dia ambil semua. Mama ni dahla kepenatan mengendong dia naik eskalator. Tak biasa pi sogo berdua je. Papa tak ikut.

Akhirnya, setelah pilih punya pilih, dapatla 2 pasang. Itupun lepas mama cakap yg Aqeel ada 2 tgn je kan jd boleh bawak 2 jelah. :)

So far, mama jumpa baju transformers ni di Sogo je. Dkt Jusco pun xdak. Dkt Sogo ada banyak baju2 tema kartun,movie. Tu yg best!! Cuma kami pun pegi sekali / 2 kali je setahun ke Sogo nih.:)

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::Hati kristal::

Hati serpih sedikit.
Retak tak parah.

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::November; and my pretty moment::

I haven't finish my story about November. :)
Actually,November is the month which I had many great moments.
It was the month I was posted as a teacher in 2008. 10thNov was the exact date when I first reported to my current school in a very small area yet in the wide district of Selangor; a lovely kampung area called Batang Kali which is near to Genting Highland. I can see all the high rise buildings in Genting Highland when the weather is clear from the staffroom.
It has been three years guys. Three years as a teacher and my journey in this career is just beginning. I have a long journey to go. I have so many things to be learned. Alright,that's about my career.

I almost forget about 19th Nov before my other half told me that he planned to bring little Aqeel to Aquaria on that day. Then,he told that we're going to overnight in KL but he refused to tell the accommodation venue yet. It is SURPRISE!!!!

Yup,19Nov was our anniversary. Not wedding anni but friendship anniversary.:)

It was back in 1997,when it was the day 'I know him,and he knows me'.
We were in the same school but he was 17 and I just 14 on that time. The rest story will remain in our heart.hihihi.
We had a very good friendship indeed. Years after years,we were connected by letters and emails only. We met personally in 2002 at Pudu only for 5mins and I believed it was the beginning of a new relationship. Tipula kalau kawan je kan!! However, we were apart by the distance. I was in the east coast and he was in KL. We got chance only once or twice a year to meet that was during hari raya. His first visit to my house was during Raya in 2002. Then, Allah plans the best for us when I furthered my study in UPSI,Tg.Malim in 2004. Every moments is beautiful. I can't describe by words coz I'm not good at writing 'sweets'. hehehe.

Isn't it a pretty moment when u got engaged with ur love then u got married with the same person who have known u for about 11 years??!!

He is my best companion. A good advisor and of course he is a good listener too.

1997-2011 is not a short time. 14 years guys and the keys of this relationship are LOYALTY, FAITHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY and what other words can describe it.
Now,we are blessed with little Aqeel who turns our frown upside down every day. Hopefully,Allah bestows us with His glory.

I love u sayang!!!

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

::Alliance Goldbar,10g::

Inila rupa jongkong emas yg diwar-warkan. Besaq pemadam je..Utk info harga minggu ni duk main2 range rm192 pastu turun rm190 pastu naik balik. Rasanya dh takkan turun ke rm180.

Lega sbb berjaya invest waktu harga masih murah. sekarang kalo ada duit jgn tggu lg.Grab aje ye.

Simpanan masa depan.at least nnt tak yah la Aqeel pinjam ptptn.:)

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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

::Passport Aqeel::

Little Aqeel dh ada passport. Mama Papa bawa buat di Pejabat imigresen Kuala Kubu Bharu. Sejam dah siap. Tapi,jenuh jugak tunggu sejam lebih sepanjang proses hantar form n tunggu lagi.

Antara dokumen yg diperlukan ialah,
1. Borang permohonan lengkap
2. Salinan Surat beranak Aqeel
3. Salinan ic Mama
4. 2 kpg gambar saiz passport.
5. rm150 for 5 years (bwh 12 thn je ade diskaun)

Tak payah susah2 ke Shah Alam dah.

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::Passport renewal at Kuala Kubu Bharu Immigration Office::

Today, we went to Kuala Kubu Bharu Immigration office to renew passsort for yours truly, mom and make a new one for little Aqeel. We arrived there at 11. (We're on d way back to Bkt Sentosa from Taiping).

At first, we plan to take forms and will submit at Shah Alam office. However, when I asked an officer there, he said the passport can be ready within one hour. So,we plan to come back after lunch.

We submitted all forms at 335 and got our passport at 430. Exactly one hour.

This immigration office is opened on April 2010..

Here are the documents we need for passport renewal;
1. an application form (free n u can download from immi website or get it from counter)
2. 2 photos of passport size.
3. your expired passport
4. RM100 for 2 years and RM300 for 5 years.

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::Eid ul-adha 2011; on Taiping, food and etc::

Assalamualaikum and happy eid ul-adha uolls. We just come back from our hometown. From Taiping with love. It was raining,raining and raining most of the days..Tak pelik pun. Taiping is an area that receive the most rain spread in Malaysia !!!. It was a short holiday but we enjoyed it. Mostly enjoyed with the food.;-)

This eid is my turn. So, night before raya and morning we were bz cooking! my sis in law cooked her signature dish- rendang kerbau. marvellous. my sister cooked Nasi Kerabu Diraja. Emmmm, yummy. and my lovely mommy cooked her most delicious lontong. mind u, she is Jawa Johorian. Lontong is compulsory every raya ok! My mom in law cooked mouth-watering laksa.slurppp!!

Alright,enough with the food.

Emm,we didn't visit Abah on this raya bcoz it was raining all day. We just send him 'special gift'. We recited yaasin and tahlil for him after Zuhur. Oh Allah, please protect our Abah in there. Even though we are apart in this world but we are still with him,forever.I love you Abah.

That's all about raya.

p/s: I need 'waktu bertenang'!!!! maybe will be off from fb n blogging for a while.

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

::Aqeel n his books collection::

Just a few. Tak banyak sgt. What I want to highlight is how he takes care his books.
He never tears his book. He really loves them. A friend of mine asked us how we teach him to takes care the books. Actually, he learns from what he saw. How we arrange the books nicely, ask him to flip the pages carefully and we never tear any paper in front of him.

He's such a good boy and appreciates his books.
Mama will tell about his toys later.

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

::I like November!!!::

Welcome November!!
I like this November so much. It means the school holiday is beginning soon. Yes, another 3 weeks of schooling days and then wallla, let's go Cuti-cuti.

Owh,this year I am not assign to be the SPM invigilator or to be English marker so I got a solid 5weeks of school holiday. Jeles tak!!
This is the only time I have with my family n of course my little son. So, tak yah susah2 nak mintak keje plak time cuti.

InshaAllah, we will start our vacation on the 2nd week of holiday. Where would we go? As listed in my travel log, we will fly to Sibu, Sarawak. The main purpose is to attend my cousins wedding ceremony. InshaAllah, this would be the first family vacation as all my siblings,nieces n nephew n of course mum would be there too. However, my other half, my sister n her daughters would fly 2 hours earlier than us by AirAsia @ LCCT. Whilst me n my son, mum, brother n his family n my little brother n wife, will board on FireFly@ KLIA.

Then, after 3 days, we will leave for Miri by MASWing and straight to the boarder; we're going to Brunei as well.:)

But this time, hubby will not follow us as he will fly back to KL. huhuu.

Hoefully,everything will go smoothly as planned.ameen.

Then,on that weekend, we will go back to our hometown . as my pretty sister in law is getting married. Yeay!!!

The following weekend, we will leave for Kota Bharu, Keantan. Huish, quite a tight schedule,huh.

Oh, Allah please grant us with a good health along this journey. ameen.

So,that is our plan so far!! What's yours??