::Choice in ur hands!!!::

Friday, 29 December 2006


soalan fav lps brtunang..
bila langsungnye?
ku tak tau lg..huhu...tp nt tau la..sabarla..tggu la..pas raya thn dpn k..

Sunday, 17 December 2006

dh selamat

at last..alhamdulillah..now i'm engaged to my dearest darling..my hubby to b soon..mr.hirzan..a month preparation which i felt satisfied enuff but still guilty when some makcik2 who come to my house bebel dat why dont u tell us early so dat we could prepare something for present.hihi..we juz send invitation for baca yassin,tahlil n doa kesyukuran..hehehe...maaf byk2 makcik..but i guess if they knew then abg's family would not hav enough hands to take all da hantaran home..da agreement we made they will send 9 dulang n i reply with 11 dulang but it turns 2 kali ganda..they send 11 n we reply 21..huhuhu...thanks to those who gave us the presents..sweet2 hantaran..hehee..we dont hav any date yet for da BIG day but will discuss later..probably when i reach the end of my study..

Wednesday, 1 November 2006


after my dearest propose me in front of da beautiful lake(really??),in da evening when the wind was wheezing softly,we made the decision..mak and abah will come to my house for merisik..hehehe..what to risik bcoz i am with him..juz for introduce to my future in laws..

then they come after raya n bring a cincin belah rotan..hmm..pandai ayg pilih..muat2 je eik..hihiih...during da occassion,abg sitting outside n i remember a dialogue in p.ramlee..''haa,eton,sudin,pigi main2 diluar"hehehe...then,my future mom in law called me..at dat time i was bz-ing myself in da kitchen..nervOUSSSSSS...bila makCIK dh sarungkan cincin lega la skit..then,we decide to do da next occassion..engagement day..for me it's da same..but coz of adat n dont want to kecikkan ati jiran tetangga n sedara mara we decide our engagement day on 16 dec..but had to change to 17 december 2006 coz of certain problem..

Thursday, 6 April 2006

23rd birthday

i'm 23rd..i hope to be success in life..to finish up my study.to begin my career life..to start a happy family with my man..to be a good daughter to mama n abah..to be a good sister to bro n sis.to be a teacher to da nation.n everything..happy birthday to me..