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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

::a blog for me::

A blog for me.....
i) is a virtual free diary for me (as i'm not make it private so it's OPEN to others)
*write on my life,career but still has limit.
ii) is a reflection diary (learn new things after one thing happens; try to make it perfect).
iii) is a place to share information and seek for advice.
iv) is a place to learn how to be a good person and inculcate moral value on how to be a good blogger and reader which can be seen through the writing.

what else???
cannot think more because kinda stress with the network here...53.6kbps ONLY...waiting to upload A picture is soooooo stressful..

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Naz-Segalanya disini said...

kenapa stress2 ni cik ct..cuti cuti nilah masa utk tenangkan fikiran..tp kerja sekolah masih aa lg ni..nak stress jugak.uwaa