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Friday, 21 May 2010

::what I saw::

Every day, my journey to work is the same!!. Here is the 30minutes journey..

i saw the same cars, lorries n buses..
i saw the cows,buffalos n also the dead animals..snakes,cats,dogs n even birds which was terribly collided by large vehicles.
i hate it very much...i hate the journey but i'v to go it..and i'v gone through it for almost 2years..
but there's also some things I like..

I like the view of Genting Highlands that I can see from far..I like the view of man-made lake (i dont know what they do but i guess maybe they breed the fish or prawn).

I like it when there are no other vehicles..but sometimes it's scary..:)
maybe i should think of fill in the form of transferring to other schools..

it's because, the road with holes here n there, bumping everywhere is hurting my car especially the tyres...
after a year, i (actually my hubby) had to change all 4 tyres bcoz they were terribly hurt. and i'm tired of the journey..BUT i still love my work place..of course i love the first work place where i start my career n also my life..

So, what did u see along your journey to work??

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