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Saturday, 19 March 2011

::school off::

It is the end of my school holiday...time flies very fast you know..few weeks back, i plan to enjoy my holidays in Taiping but we just can plan..huhu...miss my hometown so much...however, thanks to papa because u make my day..even he is working, he still can bring us to have some fun..

This week, we enjoyed ourselves in Putrajaya for two days. Actually, Anjang (Papa's sister) had her graduation day in PICC,Putrajaya.Therefore, we went there on Tuesday for her rehearsal..while waiting for her, we just loafing around at Alamanda and bought some books at MPH bookfair.

Then, the big day was on Thursday..we went there with atok and opah..again, while waiting them, we enjoyed watching hot air balloon fiesta..Aqeel Haziq was excited to see those belon panas..papa bought him a mickey mouse balloon..After that, we sent atok,opah n anjang off to bus station. They departed for Bagan Serai at 4pm...Then, Papa brought us to Ikea, to have some meatballs..yummylicious...meatballs for second time this month!!! Aqeel played around happily and still did not satisfy until papa told him that we'r going to Giant and play bowling...So, we headed to Giant KD, give him chance to play.Mama bought J.Co donuts..it has been a long time we don't buy this donuts..then, met my dear friend Zura at her house..

that's all for this week..perhaps, today (saturday) we have a wonderful weekend before I start working next week...

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