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Sunday, 25 September 2011

::a nice weekend at The Legend Water International House PD::

Port Dickson has become a must vacation venue for us every year since we get married. Plus, papa always has retreat here which we can come together. So far we had stayed at Avillion, Avillion Admiral Cove n Tiara Beach Resort.

However, this is a very nice vacay for us. I had wait for a long time guys. Eventhough w'v been at Port Dickson early of this year, this vacay is totally differ. It is because the water chalets.:)and we got our own swimming pool in the room. What a happy time to swim in private pool with both hubby n son.syiookkk oooo.

The Legend water chalets is now rebranding as Grand Lexis. I like the scenery of water chalets. So relaxing. The purpose of this vacay is to destress of course.So, this is the right place i guess. Let's cuti2 for a while.

P/s: sementara 'handbag' ada satu ni,berjalanla puas2 kan.

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