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Sunday, 3 November 2013

::Fresh from the oven::

Salam all readers,
I'm mama n papa and my abang little princess. I was born 12days earlier than due date on 30th October 2013 at 7:03 p.m weighing 2.55kg at Putra Medical Centre, Sg. Buloh.

Mama said on that day, she went to send abg Aqeel in the morning to school with Mak Tok. Then, mama n makTok went to the market, Tesco and few shops. When they reached home, mama felt so sleepy n decided to sleep for a while after had a cup of yoghurt. Mama woke up around 11:45 to get ready to school but she said that she felt that I (baby inside womb) did not move a lot on that morning and she felt a very painful stomach cramp like menstrual pain. Mama called papa to come back home and brought her to the hospital. No obvious show except a crystal vagina discharge and Mama knew and confident that it was amniotic fluid.

Mama left home with papa when abg Aqeel reached home from school. Alhamdulilah, Dr.Ratna was on duty. She examined mama n baby. After did VE, she said mama already 4cm dilated. Yes, it was the day that we've waited for a long time baby...:)

And......after few dramatic scenes for 2hours in the labour room, without epidural, or any pain killer, witnessed by my lovely Papa, I was pushed out by Mama and Dr.Ratna welcomed me as soon as the muazzin recited the call to prayer for solat Maghrib.


The happiness that cures sickness.
I bring happiness to our little family.

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