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Saturday, 9 January 2010

::mama's diary::

Since Mama starts going to school in afternoon session (mood-try to be comfortable), let's check Mama's diary every day before I off to school.

Monday 4/1

It was not so hard becoz Papa was with us..thanx to P2 (bos yg sgt prihatin sbb bg cuti bila first day school.Org lain antar anak masuk skolah but Papa, antar Mama.hehehe)
Mama cooks for lunch (I didnt eat coz too nervous..hahaha..Teacher also feels nervous)
make up Aqeel Haziq n send him to Bs at 11:30 a.m. Arrive school @ 12 noon.

8 hours left my baby @home. Arrive home during Maghrib n fetch him. He missed me a lot..takmo berenggang langsung..balik2 terus selak baju cari nenen..huhu,pity him..So, bf him while express Bm..Aqeel slept late at night.and unlatched from Mama..penat dowh...bila lepas je dia terbangun..

Tuesday 5/1

Begin my day early coz Papa is going to work. Prepare breakfast n Aqeel Haziq wakes up to bye-bye papa..Cry when Papa went to work. Mama cook only for his lunch during his nap time..Mama is having lunch @ da canteen.Send him off to Bs at 11 a.m. Arrive home safely during Maghrib. Aqeel is already @home with Papa..He finished 3bottles of ebm..huhu.

Wednesday 6/1

Aqeel woke up early and after Papa went to work, he played n poopoo..He took his shower early and his Bs took him to buy breakfast.Mama starts laundry n cook while he was with Bs.Menu for the day;light n easy..chicken soup,fried chicken n salad.Send him 15min b4 eleven coz Mama need time to make up n EAT. Express Bm @ school n arrive home maghrib.Dinner @ home. Aqeel slept late..(balas dendam dgn Papa n Mama)

Thursday 7/1
As usual, after breakfast we'll go morning walk for a while.then, Aqeel took his shower.While he's playing I try to complete my school task.it wasn't succesfull coz Aqeel wont let me write.He's so attracted to my record book..Did some house chores..lipat baju skit,kemas itu ini..While he took his nap, I prepare myself to work. Off to school @ 11a.m.Express Bm @ school.Arrive home early n dinner @ outside.

Friday 8/1

It was raining all day. Aft do laundry, (sidai baju,lipat kain) ,cook porridge, rice, and golek2 wit Aqeel.I took my shower during his nap.a bit late coz he cried n wanted to bf some more. Off to school @ 1130a.m. a short day I guess..Arrive home n it was raining all day..I hate driving while raining..n the light from sunset makes me uncomfortable..silau..Alhamdulillah arrive @ 730..there's a lot of cars than usual due to Program Juara Rakyat @ Bukit Sentosa n I can drive 60-70kmph during raining. Arrive home n aft perform Maghrib, staterd to cook..menu: sardin n salad.Papa bought kurma ayam..Aqeel was so tired n slept aftr Mama bf him..Woke up @ 9 p.m..I was tired too but my baby needs me..he latch-on me all night..i feels thirsty,dehydrated coz he bf non-stop..what shud I do????

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