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Saturday, 23 January 2010

::Special for Papa::

Specially for Papa Aqeel HaziQ...

After a hectic week @ the office and school, Papa brought us to THE ZON KL..:) we're going to have a great weekend here..Thank u Papa for this surprise..I really dont have any idea where would Papa bring us..I've waited for a week to know..huh,grr..even I tried to ask him when he was sleepy but he kept the secret successfully..It's ok darling..We really enjoyed our night @ KLCC just now..Aqeel enjoyed his sightseeing but Mama was not satisfied with the air pollution made by the smokers..pity my baby..Now he is sleeping soundly on the couch and tomorow Papa will bring him to the pool..yeay...Love u Papa..

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Naz-Segalanya disini said...

wawawa..bestnya..mmg kat klcc tu..klu mlm sket diorang siap buat dance kat ctu ct