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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

::i am a happy toddler::

too many milestones i'v achieved..now, mommy is waiting me to speak properly..eagerly bcoz everytime she will talk to me.and she also say, when will me speak proper malay o english coz sometimes mama doesnt understand my french.i know to say some words like;
"nak car" - i want car key/ i want to go out
"fish" - when i see fish in my book or my shirt
"give me" - when i want something
"nak cucu" - i want milk (nenen to be precised)
i also understand mama papa's instruction like:
"Aqeel, please shut the door" - then, i will shut the door.
"Aqeel, please throw in the dustbin" (usually,they said like dat after changing my diaper) - so, i'll put my dirty diaper in the dustbin.
"Aqeel, put the clothes in the basket" - i'll put them in laundry basket err sometimes i get confused n i put them into the sink..sorry mama...
"Aqeel, come and wash your hands" (before eat,after play,etc)
"Aqeel, nO,No" (usually, i ignore it until mama papa get angry)hehehe...
ooo....i am a happy toddler...

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