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Monday, 31 January 2011

::done my part::

alhamdulillah, i managed to finish my emis task...rite on the dateline..yala,,,key in the data is not easy beb...pening jugak..hav to do it properly and follow the procedure..if not, u'll only get tired...:)
there is another job for teachers..not only teaching but there are too much clerical work..

sometimes i even not bother all these things bcoz it only disturbs my focus on teaching specially for low intermediate students...talking bout those students, i felt so terrible for the past three weeks..yes, becoz i'd been given 4 good classes n a very poor class (bad attitude+low achievement)..
for the good classes, i was so lucky to teach them..i didnt hav problem asking them to read n involved in class activities...i like it so much...however, for the poor class, i felt so terrible..i only wasting half of the period to comfort them..however i dont think it worth, bcoz the students are big enough to understand the rules..so, i juz let them be themselves.if u want to learn then u focus..if u dont want to learn, juz keep quiet.

hmmm....the dilemma of a teacher...

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