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Saturday, 4 June 2011

::i need help but errr forget it..::

i'm in midst of hardship..with 6 bundle of answer scripts, a mountain 0f unfolded clothes, dusty floor and bla..bla..blaa........huhu....the first bundle of answer scripts need to be marked within this week coz they want the marks by 7June..whatdafish..
i imagined that this holidays will be the time for me to relax and chill..hmm..

last weekend, we were in our hometown but it was really a hectic weekend..we had to attend several kenduri from taiping to penang and we were on the road most of the time..one night at my mum's and another night at in laws..the second night was a tiring night with lil aqeel coughing and vomitting on the bed until 2a.m...on Monday, we had to go back bcoz i had extra class with PMR students on Wednesday.(only 8 students turned up on that day)..

Then, i marked all the papers while washing clothes, cooking, tidying up the mess, and so on.after the 5th scripts i tend to give low marks..then, i had to stop..find a little peace..playing with lil aqeel who loves mess up his toys..
and really, i need help..i'm dreaming of having a helper for this week only..i want to concentrate on the marking so the helper will wash the clothes,sweeping n mopping the floor, ironing the clothes and etc..

and it just a dream...bcoz this morning, i finished marking the first bundle, fold the clothes, clean here and there and pack our bags..we'll go back to our hometown again, stay for a week with my mum accompany by my baby..and of course with 5 more bundle of answer scripts..(remember,i have 6 bundle and i just finished marking A bundle only coz they need the marks for form 2 by 7June)
a longgggggggggggggggggg sigh................

can't wait for a vacation on 18-19th June...will fly to..???????