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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

::list of mistakes::

We went to Zoo Taiping on Sunday,5th June...Unfortunately, it was raining...drizzling at first then quite heavy which forced us to find a shelter.On the-not-moving train for about one hour, hubby and I list down several mistakes which we had done on that day....

1. as we alighting from the car, it was hot sunny day...and we didn't bring Aqeel's hat as usual..(left at our homesweethome)..
2. while in the queue to buy zoo ticket, Papa suddenly realized that we've discount card to buy zoo ticket.It's a privilege card for Nuri Club member.However, it was left in the car.So, papa had to go to the car and got the card.(dhle queue panjang)..
3. Mama went to buy some food but forgot to buy roti for lil Aqeel..Aqeel was not in the mood of eating.He lost his appetite due to cough n he was tired.
4. It was slight drizzle as we enter the zoo but we didnt put any effort to take our umbrella in the car.(yakin ujan kejap je)
5. We chose to walk rather than board on the free tram..I said, it's good to walk n exercise..huhuhu...(dh ujan, apa pun tak boleh)

6. the big mistake was, kenapala pilih pegi zoo..patutnya pegi tepeng sentral cukupla....huhuhu....

We have to accept everything..redha...We plan but Allah's plan the best for us......

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