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Sunday, 25 March 2012

::Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands::

Live telecast from 8th floor, Equatorial Hotel, Cameron Highlands..:) After 2years n half, kami datang lg ke CH..last time we were here,Aqeel was 7mos and still sleeping in buaian.(angkut buaian sekali naik hotel)..
The weather is cold..huhu,,bercinta nak masuk toilet..tejukkk..

Gerak dari rumah hampir pukul 12tghari, kami naik CH ikut jalan Simpang Pulai..Hujan pulak bula dah nak sampai CH..berdebar jugak trngok jalan licin..Alhamdulillah,selamat tiba di hotel lebih kurang pukul 430.

::Brinchang Night Market::
This evening, we go to the Night Market.It is so packed n crowded with people..So, it is advisable to you to come early before 6:00pm..u can find many special food here.
Fried mushroom
Fried seafood
Sweet corn (the best jagung mutiara)
Ubi keledek rebus (they called as Mualaf food)
Strawberry chocolate (hot item)
Fresh fruits
And many more......

Few pics in the hotel;


eg said...

i am planning of going to equatorial jugak next month. best x hotel tu t?

Cik CT said...
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