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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

::Alhamdulilllah, it's school holiday::

It has been a week yet I never thought that it's school holiday. weehuu...still struggling on marking final exam paper, key in the marks, completing files n etc etc...huh...house chores? Oh, I cook, wash everyday but hubby is cleaning, vacuuming, and folding the clothes. hehehe...Lucky that he never bring back his work/assignment. I pay him with foot massage..Ok la kan...while watching Masterchef our fav tv programme.

We'll be in Terengganu this Friday until Sunday. Terengganu again? Hopefully the sun will smile everyday. check the weather forecast and it makes me worry. *sigh*

After that, I'll be in Taiping..HomeSweetHome..:) as usual, will be back with my little honey bunny Aqeel Haziq n leave hubby at home. He's working of course. Then, we're planning to go to Legoland InsyaAllah in December. Tickets have been purchased for RM150/each. It's annual pass ticket. woot woot..:) (letih harini bleh pi esok dan pegi lagi lagi until the end of 2013)

Weather, please be nice to us. :)
Happy holidays guys!!!!!!!!!!!!


azureus said...

adeoftywah wah cik iti...gi tranung saje...time aku takde plak tu. kalau tak jemput mari dumoh makang kepok lekor..hihi..have fun!

azureus said...

wah wah cik iti..gi tranung saje...aku plak tak balik tranung time mung pegi sane.kalau x buleh jemput mari rumoh makan kepok lekor.

Cik CT said...

Jura..hahaha...i fall in love with tganu.:)

Runiza said...

CikCT... akak nak cari cikgu yg boleh bagi hometuition for subject Sains F2... Cik CT ada gang??