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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

::Bandung trip 2012::

I realized that I've lost my story writing skill!! Blame this new upgraded blogspot for iphone..hahaha..i still cant fix the prob of uploading entry with pics..alrite enough babbling cikCt..I know, legoland story isnt finish yet n now the final trip in 2012; Bandung, Indonesia..:)

Where should I start? Ok, lets begin with the check-in story..we got an sms few days before flying that the time has been rescheduled..so we'll fly earlier..1:05pm..Decided to go to the airport at 930am but only managed to lock the door at 10ish am..Aqeel was a bit cranky..hubby had done the online checkin so we just brought the boarding pass to the counter..arrived at the airport on 11am n rushed to the counter..passed the baggage scanning quickly as we only brought 1 luggage..and when we reached the counter to check in the luggage, this was the moment my adrenaline rush bcoz of nervousness.all the counters were so crowded and we must check in the luggage quickly..usually we just come and relax coz most of our flights previously were early in the morning..hubby approached a staff n asked him..He said we should come 4hours earlier..chitt!! Sape nk btape lelama kt ctu..to cut it short, managed to check in at flight closing counter.moved quickly to the departure hall, waited about 1hour n found out they rescheduled again!!! Sighhhh..

The drama hasnt finish yet..they called for boarding at 1:25 pm..upon boarded into the aircraft, Aqeel behaved very well..however, he started to make his mama turns to be a lioness after 15mins flew in the air..he asked for his power drink!! Susu la..susu dlm botoi..oh gosh!! I thought he was full with nasi lemak but totally wrong.I didnt prepare the milk!

When he got his power drink, he got his power back! Hehehe..Papa had to ask for hot water from the stewardess and we used our mineral water instead asking them to fill in with their mineral water bcoz we had to pay la..it's AirAsia guys!! Everyone can fly.....juz give the money! Heheheh...however tq to

Ok,, will continue soon!!

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