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Friday, 12 October 2012

::pre-school registration::

Since Aqeel will be 4 next year, so we decided to send him to pre-school..in addition, he is requesting mama n papa that he wanted to go to school everyday!!! Every morning when he wakes up, he will ask mama to send him to the school. So, we've registerd Aqeel last Saturday at smart reader. One of the reason is SR got an arabic class..:) Actually, i'm searching for a mandarin class..however, the principal said they are still searching for teachers..Never mind..as long as he can learn new language,it's ok..Mama is excited of course..n nervous too..

Aqeel's first impression, he was so excited on that day!!! He asked papa whether he can learn how to write and the teachers heard.. They brought him to the class n gave him a piece of paper n pencil. He sat on the chair and so excited when the teacher started to write on the whiteboard..:):)

Hopefully the spirit to learn will last until the end of the school..


eg said...

Good boy aqeel.
Nmpk sgt semangat nk blaja tu very high.
Btw tg malim ne xtau lerr nk anto anak ke mana ti oiii...sadiss btol...

Cik CT said...

Hopefully gud boy tu forever la..jgn sebulan skolah dh boring..huhu...kt cni plak byk sgt pilihan..pening jgk nk pilih..

TukangKebun said...

77He will definitely have heaps of fun and making new friends.

Azhariah Zuber said...

ok apa belaja arab. dpt pahala