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Friday, 27 August 2010

::Holiday mood::

1 week more before school holiday and raya..waalaaa...syoknya...Mama has a big plan to bake cookies for raya..I hope it will become true..hehe...(jgn hangat2 tahi ayam sudahla)..

the list of cookies from LoveCooking are;

i)Blueberry cheese tart.(I'v baked the tart twice this month for trial n hubby said it's tasty n neighbours came to learn eventhough the appearance is 5/10 coz i dont get the right mould for tart.)

ii)honey cornflake.(the all-time favourite)

iii)chocolate chip cikCT version

Mama will be off from school for 2weeks while Papa gets 11days off..so, we have to plan early to make sure we occupy our holiday to the max..Therefore, Papa has already made a plan for our family..as this is the first time we will have Raya without abahTok,so we will change the Raya turn to Mama's side again..Solat Raya with MakTok first then we will go back to Bagan Serai..

Papa also has booked a 3D2N at Bayview Hotel after raya..this will be the first Island holiday for us..

hopefully Aqeel will be ok along the journey...what's ur plan???

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Ainur68 said...

Selamat ber"baking" dan ber"holiday"!