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Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Aqeel Haziq has reached 18months old n ready for the final jab..:) Does he ready???Not until we meet the nurses...hahaha...He is a smart toddler..still drinks his fav breastmilk and verrrrrryyyy manja...Let's check his milestones..

i)speaking "french" fluently..Mama Papa have to identify his language by looking at his body gestures but sometimes he can utter several words.

ii)co-sleep with Mama Papa and cannot fall asleep by himself..whether by bf or papa will cradle him in the hammock.

iii)a friendly baby for those who likes to play with him..take a long time to be friend with stangers.

iv)likes to eat porridge,carrots..sometimes he is a picky eater..

v)discipline..he knows where to put the shoes,sandals after use..knows how to put back his toys in the toy box.

vi)his favourite toy is puzzle box,puzzle ball,mega blocks..now,he knows circle,stars,square...

vii)count One,Two,Three only

viii)will find a strategic port when he wants to poopoo..

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