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Sunday, 13 November 2011

::November; and my pretty moment::

I haven't finish my story about November. :)
Actually,November is the month which I had many great moments.
It was the month I was posted as a teacher in 2008. 10thNov was the exact date when I first reported to my current school in a very small area yet in the wide district of Selangor; a lovely kampung area called Batang Kali which is near to Genting Highland. I can see all the high rise buildings in Genting Highland when the weather is clear from the staffroom.
It has been three years guys. Three years as a teacher and my journey in this career is just beginning. I have a long journey to go. I have so many things to be learned. Alright,that's about my career.

I almost forget about 19th Nov before my other half told me that he planned to bring little Aqeel to Aquaria on that day. Then,he told that we're going to overnight in KL but he refused to tell the accommodation venue yet. It is SURPRISE!!!!

Yup,19Nov was our anniversary. Not wedding anni but friendship anniversary.:)

It was back in 1997,when it was the day 'I know him,and he knows me'.
We were in the same school but he was 17 and I just 14 on that time. The rest story will remain in our heart.hihihi.
We had a very good friendship indeed. Years after years,we were connected by letters and emails only. We met personally in 2002 at Pudu only for 5mins and I believed it was the beginning of a new relationship. Tipula kalau kawan je kan!! However, we were apart by the distance. I was in the east coast and he was in KL. We got chance only once or twice a year to meet that was during hari raya. His first visit to my house was during Raya in 2002. Then, Allah plans the best for us when I furthered my study in UPSI,Tg.Malim in 2004. Every moments is beautiful. I can't describe by words coz I'm not good at writing 'sweets'. hehehe.

Isn't it a pretty moment when u got engaged with ur love then u got married with the same person who have known u for about 11 years??!!

He is my best companion. A good advisor and of course he is a good listener too.

1997-2011 is not a short time. 14 years guys and the keys of this relationship are LOYALTY, FAITHFUL, TRUSTWORTHY and what other words can describe it.
Now,we are blessed with little Aqeel who turns our frown upside down every day. Hopefully,Allah bestows us with His glory.

I love u sayang!!!

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