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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

::Eid ul-adha 2011; on Taiping, food and etc::

Assalamualaikum and happy eid ul-adha uolls. We just come back from our hometown. From Taiping with love. It was raining,raining and raining most of the days..Tak pelik pun. Taiping is an area that receive the most rain spread in Malaysia !!!. It was a short holiday but we enjoyed it. Mostly enjoyed with the food.;-)

This eid is my turn. So, night before raya and morning we were bz cooking! my sis in law cooked her signature dish- rendang kerbau. marvellous. my sister cooked Nasi Kerabu Diraja. Emmmm, yummy. and my lovely mommy cooked her most delicious lontong. mind u, she is Jawa Johorian. Lontong is compulsory every raya ok! My mom in law cooked mouth-watering laksa.slurppp!!

Alright,enough with the food.

Emm,we didn't visit Abah on this raya bcoz it was raining all day. We just send him 'special gift'. We recited yaasin and tahlil for him after Zuhur. Oh Allah, please protect our Abah in there. Even though we are apart in this world but we are still with him,forever.I love you Abah.

That's all about raya.

p/s: I need 'waktu bertenang'!!!! maybe will be off from fb n blogging for a while.

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