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Monday, 21 November 2011

::English Language Literature Component form 3 2012::

Hi readers,
I just came back from 3days course..as written on the title, it is conducted to introduce 3 new novels and 2 poems for form 3 next year.
The poems are;
A figther's lines

How I met myself
Around the world in 80 days
The Railway Children

About the novel::
Selangor will use How I met myself..It is quite interesting and the text is simpler than Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.However, there are some Hungarian words especially character names and places which may cause some trouble for students to pronounce and spell it. This story is about Doppleganger.(google for the meaning)
The Railway Children also interesting. I would love to teach this novel as the main characters are children. They are poor and lives near the railway station. The setting is on Edwardian time which I believe students might be interested when we discuss on their clothes culture on that time. Finally, around the world in 80 days..A bit complicated but may be teacher has to work hard to get students attention when teaching this novel.

The novel How I met myself now can be bought from Pustaka Rakyat. make sure it approved by KPM bcoz some of the term used hasbeen changed to suit Malaysian culture.

Alright, adios.
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