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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

::I like November!!!::

Welcome November!!
I like this November so much. It means the school holiday is beginning soon. Yes, another 3 weeks of schooling days and then wallla, let's go Cuti-cuti.

Owh,this year I am not assign to be the SPM invigilator or to be English marker so I got a solid 5weeks of school holiday. Jeles tak!!
This is the only time I have with my family n of course my little son. So, tak yah susah2 nak mintak keje plak time cuti.

InshaAllah, we will start our vacation on the 2nd week of holiday. Where would we go? As listed in my travel log, we will fly to Sibu, Sarawak. The main purpose is to attend my cousins wedding ceremony. InshaAllah, this would be the first family vacation as all my siblings,nieces n nephew n of course mum would be there too. However, my other half, my sister n her daughters would fly 2 hours earlier than us by AirAsia @ LCCT. Whilst me n my son, mum, brother n his family n my little brother n wife, will board on FireFly@ KLIA.

Then, after 3 days, we will leave for Miri by MASWing and straight to the boarder; we're going to Brunei as well.:)

But this time, hubby will not follow us as he will fly back to KL. huhuu.

Hoefully,everything will go smoothly as planned.ameen.

Then,on that weekend, we will go back to our hometown . as my pretty sister in law is getting married. Yeay!!!

The following weekend, we will leave for Kota Bharu, Keantan. Huish, quite a tight schedule,huh.

Oh, Allah please grant us with a good health along this journey. ameen.

So,that is our plan so far!! What's yours??


Salina@IbuAqil said...

Seronoknya!! Jalan2!! Happy Holiday..

Runiza said...

Wahh... sakan cuti ni Cik CT... bila kita nak dating nih??? ;)