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Friday, 20 May 2011

::Baby Khalifah Learning Series::


We're now move towards early education..not too late to start. for Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), Work at Home Mom (WAHM), Fulltime at Home Mom (FAHM), THEY ARE SO LUCKY..yes,indeed....they have a lot of time with little kiddos to play,learn and etc...how I wish I cud be them..but who gonna pay my PTPTN loan..grrr....

i'v been searching for Islamic learning series..and on a very fine day, I found this..


i'v googling to find any testimonial from parents, but found nothing..Y?Is this product new or parents who bought did not practise it at home..

kalo ade sesape yg pakai n practise at home with little kiddos pls share with me..

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