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Monday, 16 May 2011

::Selamat Hari Guru::

Selamat Hari Cikgu....

Happy Teacher's Day

it is a very meaningful day indeed..it's a special day for teachers. we are marching in to the hall which has been decorated like a beautiful wedding altar with red carpet. teachers going into the hall with paluan kompang,bunga manggar,tepak sirih, bunga pahar (just like a traditional malay wedding)..no one can feel this moment again once u re married but teachers do!!!! then, we do have cutting cake ceremony, a special lunch with nasi ujan panas and air sirap...a lot of presents from the students and they come to snap pictures (like their favourite artists) with their beloved teachers who always teach with passion...

teachers are looking very beautiful with colourful and glittering attire..must be new from the closet..yeah, it is a special day for us...

i feel, it is like Hari Raya..there are lots of text messaging coming in non stop from midnight until the day..i dont even know who is the sender..

i am also busy preparing for this day.all teachers take part to make this day a meaningful day.iv ordered two delicious cake from my neighbour..and i also bake a carrot cake with lemon cream cheese topping..ok enough story bout it...

here, i would like to wish special teacher's day to my beloved parents..there are my truly teachers.forever..my ma and my late abah..they taught me to be a human until i can be like them..yes, i inherit the teacher's gen from them.i love them so much..

the wish goes to my father in law, sisters in law

my former teachers from primary to secondary school

Tadika Kemas

SK Changkat Jering 90-93

SK Sri Selama 94-95

SMKA Slim River 96-2000

my lecturers, beloved friends , my classmates, coursemates who are in teaching line now,

UDM (formerly known as KUSZA) 2001-2003

UPSI 2004-2008

and all teachers in the world.....

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