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Saturday, 25 August 2012

::Travelling with baby::

Travelling with baby is quite challenging n limited. Challenging because we dont know what to expect what does he want when he started to make 'drama'. We've to prepare many things to soothe him. We've to be ready with foods n beverages that he likes because he can get very hungry. We've to bring his fav toys to make him busy.
Limited because we cannot be too selfish to follow our itinerary to visit interesting places as we've to think whether the place is suitable for him especially if he tends to sleep. Or the place is just not suitable for kids.

Along our trip this time, I brought along Aqeel's fav kuih raya which he likes to munch besides his fav milk. We didnt bring a flask as Aqeel can drink cold milk, so we saved on it.
Oh, we also brought his fav toys which I'll make sure he has diff toys to b played on plane or our accommodation.. We brought along a stroller eventhough Bali is not baby friendly. We hav to bring it as Aqeel tends to fall asleep everywhere he likes.

We hav to limit our visit to Pura (Temple) coz papa is a little bit worry of 'something' related to spiritual activities as we had a bad experience handling Aqeel "keteguran". You might think that it's ridiculous but we know our son better.
We also have to allocate enough time for him to get rest on bed. Lucky that Papa checked in a nice villa with private pool which make us feel at home.:)

To be continued....

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