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Friday, 1 June 2012

::It's already 4 years::

30/5/2012 - It's our wedding anniversary!! I already had a conversation bout it with dearly hubby few days before the date..however, on the day itself, I forgot everything. I was busy handling 4 kids at home plus extra class and had to attend a course on that wednesday during this school holiday!!!

Huhuhu..blame on me! I felt so guilty. Surprisingly, on that very beautiful morning, when I got into the car quickly and wet because it was raining cats and dogs, I saw a box of chocolate on driver seat..oh, sooo sweeeeet..yes, he is Pakar in making surprise. Furthermore, ayat-ayat cinta in the small card really touch my heart.:) Do i need to explain more? he is a real poet in my life. Never failed in writing Love letters!

So, tomorrow, he asked me to prepare the bag because we are going somewhere (which is still his secret)..Ok, will update u guys!!

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