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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

::first trip 2012 - Kota Kinabalu welcomes us::

Salaam pembaca budiman,
Wah,i juz wanna blame myself for not posting any entry while we were in Sabah.:( I was down with fever soon as we touched down in Kota Kinabalu.Kesian kan.Luckily,I brought paracetamol n few medicines for little Aqeel.
We departed from KLIA at 2pm n arrived KKIA at 420pm. Rasa lama sangat sbb Aqeel tak tido langsung.He was so excited dapat naik MAS Airbus plak tu.Besar n luas pemandangan dia.His first impression,wow Mama,cantiknya.Yup,The seats are colourful.:)
Furthermore,he was happy to get special treat for children from the steward n stewardess.makan cekelat aje. Kalo naik AirAsia,harusla mama kena pow beli kitkat kan.tapi naik MAS dpt free.:)
We tuned in Tune hotels which is situated in 1Borneo shopping Mall. The room,bed is quite smaller than in Kota Bharu.But we dont mind as it can fit 3 of us.:) lagipun bukan nak vacation in the hotel room right.:) it's a family vacation n not our honeymoon.hihihi.
So,on the first night we just stayed in our room as I was so tired n sleepy after consuming paracetamol.

The next day, we woke up early and had breakfast at a restaurant.Then,we started our trip to Kinabalu Park. Oh, husband rent a Hertz car.As usual,with Hertz we got a Hyundai matrix.:) The journey took about 2hours from KK to Kinabalu Park. Jalan mencabar tp sejuk mata memandang.Nampak Gunung Kinabalu memanggil2.)
entry fee to Kinabalu Park is rm3. Ada apa dkt situ? nothing.hutan je. :) But, please people.if u said u got to see nothing in Kinabalu Park then U are absolutely not a nature's lover. I'm so grateful to have this chance to explore this wonderful nature,a special creation by Allah. With the fresh air and green scenery, u will forget everything in the city. :)
Then,we proceeded our journey to Kundasang,only few kilometres from
Kinabalu Park. Fresh fruits n vege are everywhere guys.We went to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm.Subhanallah, it is such a wonderful experience.The farm looks like we are in New Zealand.:)
Hmm,the entry is getting long n bored.:) i'll continue with some pics.

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