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Saturday, 14 January 2012

::a tiring week!, but paid off with a call::

seriously,i am so tired until today. i even dont have time to sit at the staff room before continue teaching the next class.
with 37 clients to take care of which I'm their 'mother' at school, I meet them everyday to please them,to make them feel comfortable and share everything. We got so many things to be settled down. class register,textbook,students information forms, last year results and everything.
English Panel also has come out with a suggestion to improve weak students performance. Every teacher must come out with a modul of writing from basic. I'm still working on it.
25periods of English class a week, dont allow me to relax in a day. The worst day is on Thursday which I have 7periods of teaching.
Then, we got cross country event on Friday. The training was on Wednesday and automatically we dont have class on two days.
Huhuhuhu so exhausted. I reached home and only want to sleeeeeeep and resttttttt but I couldnt.

However, yesterday was really a wonderful day in a life for a teacher despite of every obstacles I have. A mom of my new student called. Then,she asked about her only son. I said, he is ok and starts to make new friends this week. I appointed him as ajk Surau which he is responsible to ask,invite his friends to surau every solat time. Then, the mother said, 'cikgu, terima kasih banyak2'. I asked her innocently why. She said her only son now looks so happy than before when he had to leave his former school and of course his friends there.

Yes, the boy really looks uncomfortable at the first day and he didnt want to speak even a word to his parents.

Again the mother said, "Cikgu, Amar cakap dia sangat seronok dalam kelas especially masa cikgu dan dia cakap dia tak nak tukar kelas lagi.Biar Amar abiskan setahun dgn Teacher Siti."

The mother really happy coz her son is happy at the new school.

He is an excellent boy at his former school and probably he will be changed to Kelas Rancangan Khas (krk).

The tiring week is really being paid off with this call. :)

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