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Monday, 2 January 2012

::my dream #1 - a kindie/nursery::

I've mentioning earlier in one of my entry that my dream is to own a kindergarten..When a good friend of mine knew about it from my previous entry, she is so interested to tell that she has the same dream with me. Ok, from then, we chat and shared each other ideas until we found a very very bright future in our dreams..We support each other and the truth is I love my good friend as she inspired me a lot!!!

So, now, Ida has successfully move one step ahead and InsyaAllah she will open her own nursery in February..Alhamdulillah, she will open it in Penang Island..When it is confirmed, I'll inform the place ok..Now, the team of renovation and painting is still working on it..

As I'm inspired with her spirit, then I'm also move one step to achieve my dream..We are now trying to locate our nursery at a very good place which has a good prospect. Nekad dah ni..:)

Friends/Bloggers, if you have any suggestion on house to rent or premise that is suitable for a nursery in Bukit Naga or Bandar Putera near Johan Setia do inform me ya..Your cooperation is highly appreciated..Tq so much..

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Azhariah Zuber said...

wow bestnya. cuma kena cari workers yg ok