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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

::Island hopping; Manukan Island::

Ok,let's continue our story. On the final day, we planned for island hopping.:) kalo tak dtg rugi pulak kan.:) We didnt plan to swim or snorkelling. Boat ticket fee rm18,life jacket rm10 (optional). Aqeel free lg. We had our breakfast at Jesselton Point jetty. Makan kenyang n tapau kuih skit. The journey took about 15-20mins. First experience for Aqeel on the boat. He was so good. tapi masa pergi tu dia tutup mata aje.mulut bising menjerit.:) The view is soooo beautiful.fantastic. The clear blue water is so amazing. Nampak ikan2 berenang. Cuaca panas membahang tp org yg duk snorkelling,swimming punyala ramai. Sorry,yours truly ni mmg mcm puteri lilin skit.kihkihkih. Ops, forget to mention. To enter the island,we have to pay rm3 also.:) ok, enjoy the pics.

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