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Monday, 13 February 2012

::Hadiah utk budak demam::

As promise,papa bought him a transformers bicycle..Bumble Bee, yellow in colour..:)

At first,we went to OU coz papa thought we can buy at toyseres and redeem his birthday voucher.But,,, the price is so expensive than the one that Papa found at Parkson.

However, Parkson OU doesnt have it. Therefore, we went to KL Festival City Mall and bought it there. It's much more cheaper..beza RM100 tau!!!

So, here it is. Welcome to Aqeel's club. He was asleep when we bought it and only woke up in the car when were about to go back.

Get well soon sayang!!!


amirah said...

ui..canggihnya beskal abg aqeel!!

|| NaFiRaa || said...

lawanye basikal kuning dier..:)

Cik CT said...

Saje ngusik aqeel,mama takut beskal ni bleh btukar jd bumble bee..hihihi..

Cik CT said...

Tula,lawa tp tuannya gayat nk naik.