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Thursday, 23 February 2012

::It's ovulation day::

Strictly for women who is ttc only.:)

Since makan clomid last week, setiap perkara berlaku pada diri ini mesti dicatat. Apa perasaan, perubahan dan semua la.
So, this week, a huge change on my appetite..nafsu makan makin besar..tak dpt dinafikan lg smpai mr.H pun bleh tya 'what happen dear?'....
So, i know the clomid works well.
Then, i wait eagerly to meet with any cervical mucus but till today there is no egg white found.:( it is said that egg white is the sign of ovulation BUT every woman is not same.Some people ovulated without the sign of egg white. However,as today is my cycle day 13, i should ovulate within this time and i realize another sign is cramp on stomach.ya,it's similar to cramp like menstrual pain.
Think positive!!!!

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|| NaFiRaa || said...

Ct.. Fm Ct dah selamat sis terima semalam.. mekasih ye..:)