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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

::3 days holidays but the teacher is not well::

Seriously, I feel like to sleep all day. I have a running nose, it's watery all time, dizzy which sometimes lead to migraine and my body is not feeling very well today.

oh,this teacher cannot enjoy her holiday! huhuhu.pity me. The husband has to come back for lunch n bought his wife and son two pack of chicken rice.

I know this is only a little test from The Creator. I wish that tomorrow I'll get better. How I wish I can do many experiment in the kitchen on these 3days holiday?hmmm.*sigh*.

Hate consuming panadol or paracetamol or uphamol n whatsoever. I tried to drink lemonade tea but it doesnt relieve my watery nose. Cocoa drink help to relieve migraine but only for a while. So, I had to take the pills.

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Runiza said...

Get well soon CikCT! :)