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Monday, 17 October 2011

::Janji Melayuuuuuu::

I hate waiting ok.
The meeting should be on 9:30 a.m.
I arrive at school on 9:35. 5mins late bcoz when I was at Rasa, I had to follow a few lorries and I've no guts to overtake them.

BUT,sadly,when I reach at school they told it was postponed till 10:30. Huhuhu. Then, after 10:30, they said the person will arrive at 1110. whatdafish. Then, it was cancel..Huarggghhhhh. Janji Melayuuuu. Time yg terbuang tu actually boleh membuatkan aku siap membasuh and masak utk anak n suami ok. mlm ni mmg dah tak larat le nk masak.

After that, I got another meeting with the bosses at 11:45 until 1:50 and I will hav no time to eat lunch.huhuhu.
Now, sakit kepalaaaaa.

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