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Sunday, 9 October 2011

::Taklimat MBMMBI @ SK Kg.Soeharto::

Last Friday, I went to Pusat Kegiatan Guru (PKG) SK Kg. Soeharto. This was the second time I came to Kg. SOEHARTO. The first time was in 2005.

It took about one hour journey from Bukit Beruntung. I went with my colleague. We decided to go there using Plus highway. Exit Bukit Tagar n follow a road to Sg. Tengi. Then, we passed by Felda Sg. Tengi before reach Felda Kg. Soeharto.

We had to attend a Taklimat on Memartabatkan Bhs Melayu dan Memperkukuh Bhs Inggeris. Alright, this is not a new thing. Actually, Dasar MBMMBI is implemented to replace PPSMI. Ok, the purpose of this taklimat is just to distribute a set of new teaching aid (in form of CD) for English n BM. It cost RM300. However the content of Cd is not relevant with the syllabus. Teacher can use as one of teaching support only. For English, most of the content like interview is coming from Australia. The accent of speaker may disrupt students' understanding. Most of the teachers sigh. They would hav problem to introduce the content to low proficiency studs.

Then, we were introduced a new product from nst, School Times. It cost rm1 and soooo beneficial for teacher as it contains teacher's guide n notes in every section. So, teacher will know how to explore the text in that paper, how to use the particular articles in English classes completed with the exercise. Students will learn how to pronounce words from the glossary which complete with simple phonetics symbol.

See the difference? Hmmm, I hope I can convince my school to subscribe to School Times. It would be so beneficial for us eventhough it is so cheap.

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