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Monday, 10 October 2011

::Language Acquisition::

Hi readers,
Today mama wanna share about language acquisition. As our mother tongue is Bhs.Melayu (BM), so, Aqeel's first language (L1) is definitely BM. Now, at 2years n 8months, he can speak clearly even though he still use some terms in baby talk. It still can be understood.

Mama n papa use both BM n English at home. So, Aqeel's L2 is English..usually, we choose English words to replace the words which have more than two syllables in BM. The reason is, it is more easier to pronounce. For example, the word 'tunnel' is used to replace 'terowong'. 'train' for 'keretapi', 'plane' for 'kapal terbang'. However, we keep mentioning the meaning of words in BM so he will learn and absorb both language. I

Owh, I really envy if I met with baby who has English as L1. Hahahaha. Please bear in mind that I'm English teacher so I should have this thought.

How do we expose him to the language? Mama bought him a lot of English books. Then, he learns and listens from internet. I plan to send him to English+Islamic medium school. But, in the mean time hope that he can learn mandarin as well. I target he can acquire three languages at young age. Woaahhh, mommy has become very optimist.

Alright, will share about choices of school in our neighbourhood later.

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