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Monday, 3 October 2011

::Day trip on a train with toddler::

Mama n papa promised Aqeel to go for a train trip.So,yesterday,we went to KL by commuter.along the way to train station he kept asking us where we want to go bcoz he was very worried if we dont take him on train. When we reached at Rawang station,he couldnt be patient anymore.he kept asking when our train will arrive.huuhu.

We were on board at 315pm and our destination was to BanK NeGara. Papa decided to go to Sogo. We reached there at 4pm n aqeel fall asleep. So,papa had to babywear him until we reached at sogo. We went for a drink then solat asar. After that, we decided to go to baby dept. Papa bought Aqeel a transformers shirt n bouncing ball. Habih hatila kawan. Read more story here on his blog.

We went home at 625pm after missed one train n waited for about half an hour. Mama boarded on ladies coach. It was so crowded n there were few men on that coach. To make it worse, a lady with two kids brought along her baby stroller inside the coach. Tak patut sungguh bcoz it was a big size stroller n she didnt fold it. There few people brought luggages. The condition was like ikan sardin dlm tin.

However, 15mins later, Mama saw Aqeel n Papa beside that coach. Papa waved n Mama realized that Aqeel was crying.huhuhuh. He wanted mama!!! My hp battery was flat n dats why papa couldnt call me. The crowded train had limit my movement so i couldnt go nearer to the door where I saw them. I decided to go to their coach when train stopped at Sg.Buluh. Luckily Papa had the same instinct.

Aqeel hugged me soon as I took him from papa. He wanted his milk. Papa said that he cried out loud on top of his lung. Tebal muka papa. We reached Rawang at 720 pm. It was a fun trip but tiring..

Some tips to share:
1. Wear proper shoes.
2. Bring a bottle of water.
3. Minimize your backpack. I brought a small bag to put Aqeel's milk n clothes.
4. Bring a baby carrier instead of a stroller.
5. Dont separate with ur hubs n son when board on the train. This tip is specially for our manja sangat boy.
that's all folks!

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