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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

::PMR is beginning::

It's really a happy day for me.hahahaha. PMR is beginning and form one students are given school leave for at least 3days..ngeh ngeh.bahagia ticer. I can finish all the works this week..

Oh,I also pray form three students can answer the questions n get a better result. At this time, I really feel like a peacock. Proud n arrogant. Yup, every time i came across them, they will ask me to stop n wanna ask for my bless..I taught them during form two n what make me menyampah is listening to their dialogue

"Ticer, menyesal saya tak belajar English elok2 thn lps".

And the worst part is, never say hello or give salam along this while. However today, call out my name n stop me juz to ask my forgiveness. (they realized that they made so many mistakes).

Huh, it's too late. Even I forgive them but I cant help them anymore. Some of them were not appreciating what I did before. So, it's up to them now.

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