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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

::I'm speechless::

I just arrived at home when my other half told me that he wanted to donate our old cushion set to a poor family. I asked him how did he find them? and how poor are they?

Then, he showed me an email he got from his colleague who did survey the house. This family just settles down here in Bkt Beruntung for about 3months. They came from north. I'm speechless when I read the email.

They have 5 children age 7,5,4,2,1 and another one is coming very soon. The mother is 7mos preggy now. Mother doesn't get a complete prenatal checkup as they have no transport to go to the clinic. Sometimes, father has to borrow neighbour's motorcycle or else mum will go by bus alone. 7years old child will keep an eye on other siblings while mum is away.

Father is the only breadwinner who just got a job but only as a contract worker.

They came to KL by train with rm150 3mos ago. Allah arranged that they will meet an old friend who happened to bring them here, give a place to live and father got a job.

The house condition is really sad.
No mattress but only a very thin and very old toto and pillows for children. Mother father sleeps on the floor.
They have a set of stove and gas. 4plastic plates and cups. No fridge and washing machine. Mother has to handwash all the clothes and nappy as well. All clothes are given by people.

The children are given tea only as they cant afford to buy formula milk. The 7 years old doesnt go to school and the little child doesnt look like 7yrs old at all. I believe this child is malnutritious. They always eat mee maggi. Father always saves his food coupon to buy bread for his children rather than buy his meal at workplace.

This family hardship is revealed when the father always borrow money from his friends.

I'm really speechless. Now, we're trying our best to help them.

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