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Saturday, 8 October 2011

::Have a great time at Tepeng::

It has been a month after raya. I miss my ma very much and abah too. So, we decided to go back before 8 a.m.. We plan to arrive early in the morning. So, i can spend more time with ma.

It's so happy to see ma. I miss abah yet I only meet him in my dream. Thank you Allah to give me chance to meet him. I can only wrap and send a gift for abah every solat.

We went to Tepeng town this evening. We went to Giant,bought some stuffs. Then, papa bought Murtabak Mydin, the most popular murtabak in Pekan minggu Changkat Jering. Soooo yummy. Sampai segah perut sbb mkn aje. Tomorrow, i'll make sure, my other half get 'popiah basah' for me.

My little Aqeel also looks very happy.makan bertambah dgn lauk yg mak tok masak. Emmm, delicious.

Yeah, we have a great weekend here at Tepeng.

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